Gems in the Jungle

The Reddit Gold Lottery

Yours truly is a huge Reddit fan. I'm not only addicted to the site, but I use it for programming help and product research. I do quite a bit of our advertising through Reddit's ad platform and we've gotten a great response from the community.

I'd love for Gems In the Jungle to become an even better part of the Reddit community, so I'm trying to grow r/GemsInTheJungle with a Reddit Gold lottery. The subreddit is new, but I'm determined to make it as high-quality as the site.

-Aakil (/u/grimtrigger)

How it works

  1. Click this button
  2. You'll be directed to an authentication screen on Reddit's server
  3. Once you authenticate - you'll automatically be subscribed to r/GemsInTheJungle and entered into the lottery
  4. Every day that the lottery is running, a winner will be randomly selected and given Reddit Gold.




  1. You must be at least 21 years old to play
  2. Residences of places where they are not permitted to enter such things are not permmited to play, unless otherwise permitted by their place of residence